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در تاک زیر نظر بهترین اساتید آموزش ببینید

Learn English at TALK in Gorgan form professional teachers in the industry. Immerse yourself in English, soak up new information every week, and practice your English with classmates during and after school. Develop your four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with our general English and intensive courses (just in summer) for all age groups

Set yourself up for success on your IELTS or other international or national exams with out Test Preparation Program or study with your family with our family package

General English Courses for Adults

Achieve on understanding of different cultures while developing your language proficiency with Talk’s general English courses. Sharpen your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills as you progress

General English courses for children & teenagers

Start learning English at Talk helps children see the world and at the same time become familiar with values in life. All four skills plus sub-skills are taken into consideration in our system


Test Preparation Program

Get the highest possible score on you national and international with TALK’s comprehensive

Test Preparation Program

Our team provide you with English skills and test strategies specific to exam success

Packages and Activities

Talk’s packages and activities are designed to meet the needs of every student, from individuals to families or groups wanting to master specific English skills

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Learn English in Gorgan with Tak and with the professional instructors in the industry. Immerse yourself in English and attract new information every week and strengthen English with classrooms in class and after class.

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