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The Best Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary


After learning the basics of English, the next natural step would be to strengthen your grammar and vocabulary. As challenging as this may sound, there are many ways and tricks you can adopt to help you reach the level you wish to achieve – and some of them can actually be quite fun. Find out about our suggestions by reading the rest of the blog and you are sure to find something that will suit your needs best


Watch films or TV seriesThis is a fun way to improve your vocabulary and surely one you will enjoy. You can start watching English language films or TV series with subtitles if you need the help, and you will be sure to discover a world of idioms and expressions that might be easier to understand as you would have a moving image to accompany them. That may also mean that you’ll retain them more easily


Read books and magazines: This is a more classic approach, reading books and flipping through a magazine can greatly help with your vocabulary. You can also localise this a bit more. For example, if you are an adept of fashion or racing, you can find a magazine that caters to your interests or hobbies. This way, you can broaden your vocabulary in an area that you hold particularly at heart


Get online: This works the same way as reading books and magazines, except you’d be looking at a screen. There are endless articles, websites, blogs and videos you can find online. We think that social media and other online community areas are also a great way to learn vocabulary that you may not find in mainstream books or magazines. Again, you can pick a topic of interest, and lose yourself in the replies and comments posted by members or users


ConversationsIf you feel confident enough, another sure-fire way to improve your vocabulary is engaging in conversations with people. It might feel a bit daunting at first, but you will get to listen to how words sound when put together and also get an introduction to the different expressions people use, especially if they are a native English speaker


A word a day: Learning one word a day can help with the overwhelming task of learning a new language’s varied vocabulary. Why not keep a dictionary at hand, and look up a different word every day? You can then either write the word down in a notebook, or on a board on your fridge; and write your own written description or explanation next to your chosen word


There are many other ways one can improve their vocabulary, and we believe that practising and immersing ourselves in the language is one of the best things to do. Our English schools can provide you with the courses you need, which are all paired with exploration outside the classroom

December 18, 2018

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